Jelle Seegers

Makes solar and human powered tools and machines, allowing himself and others to make beautiful, long lasting things in a sustainable way.

Solar Metal Smelter

A huge magnifying glass can be moved to follow the track of the sun in such a way the focal point is always directed into an insulated crucible. Here the intense heat heats up metal until it can be cast into a sand mold. These casts will be sturdy bases for human and other natural powered tools.

Foot powered tool grinder

Consists of heavy, corrosion resistant cast zinc parts combined with reclaimed hardwood from a water lock and stainless steel hardware from the scrapyard. Put on a modern grinding wheel and you have a reliable way to grind your scissors, knifes, drills, chisels, planes and many other edge tools for many generations to come.

For collaboration, sponsoring and any questions, Please feel free to contact me by phone: +31641264948
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